About Us



The safety and well-being of our students and employees is our #1 priority.

Our school buildings remain locked at all time. Each outside door is equipped with a coded entry for staff and families only. Surveillance cameras cover each classroom as well as the outside property. 

All staff are CPR & First Aid certified.



We communicate daily with our families via a paperless attendance system.

Each family receives personal email summaries of their child's day in additional to reminders and updates. Urgent information is shared via text and parents have the opportunity to communicate with their child's teacher through the corresponding app.


Early Intervention

Early intervention is a critical step in the development of many children. Our teachers closely monitor each student's individual development to ensure delays of any severity are recognized and addressed when needed. All early interventionist, screenings, assesments, and specialized therapists are welcome in our classrooms. 



Individualized developmentally and academically appropriate curriculum is created and implemented daily to support student growth. In addition, our school offers a variety of supplemental curriculums relevant to each age group. Lullaby students experience baby/toddler sign language, music, Spanish, culinary arts, Fall & Spring soccer, and Hand Writing without Tears.


Our Mission and Goals

Lullaby Learning Center is committed to providing the finest quality of care and meeting the highest standards in early education. 

We believe all children, regardless of their background, deserve the right to a premier early education that will put them on the path to success and prepare them for the next stages in life.

Our mission is to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for our most impressionable learners. Lullaby teachers and staff provide the highest level of nurturing care in which students build positive relationships and the social/emotional foundation necessary to explore and learn in the world around them. 

Lullaby's goal is to remain unique in insuring every activity and experience a student receives is not only purposeful and meaningful, but provides a positive impact on a child's developmental and academic growth. 

We truly believe that every student and their family is part of our Lullaby family! 

"...Lullaby Learning Center is dedicated to providing quality programs. Every child is unique and deserves a learning experience specialized to their specific needs. We are committed to meeting the highest standards in implementing developmentally and academically successful practices..."