Lullaby Learning Center

Your Child's First School!

Lullaby Learning Center

Offering meaningful and purposeful play experiences that encourage development!

Lullaby Learning Center

A family owned and operated business that becomes your family too!

Lullaby Learning Center

Implementing individualized curriculum designed to encourage academic growth through explortion and discovery!

We specialize in providing the children of our community a quality early education and Kindergarten preparation. 

Top Ranked Classrooms with Loving Teachers

Lullaby Learning Center is a family owned operation dedicated to making sure that every child in our care receives the highest quality care and education from birth through graduation to Kindergarten.

We provide a nurturing educational environment that promotes an inclusive, happy, and safe classroom experience and a childhood full of meaningful relationships and lifelong memories. 

All of our students receive a personal learning experience in addition to their daily care. Meaningful and purposeful play experiences help students reach all of their developmental and academic goals while acquiring important life skills. 

Our classrooms and curriculum are designed to encourage academic growth through exploration and discovery! We focus on educational abilities, independence and classroom citizenship that will create a smooth transition to Kindergarten and a love of learning that will last a lifetime. 

In our school's family dynamic, teachers quickly get to know their students, allowing them to successfully prepare and implement intentional and individualized learning opportunities. All of our teachers are certified educators with Delaware First Credentials from the Department of Education. 

Your Child's First Classroom

Surrounded by caring teachers and staff, our students are ready to seize every opportunity, learn from every experience, and lead happy, kind, and confident lives.

Put your child's education first!

Join the Lullaby family and become part of a community dedicated to creating an educational foundation that your child will build upon for years to come!

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